Useful information


The LËTZ GO GOLD village can be accessed easily and we encourage you to use public transportation.

Entry of the site

Useful information will be communicated at least 1 month prior to the run.

Preliminary remark: due to sanitary restrictions, a COVID check may be necessary to enter the village. The organizer can not be held responsible for a runner arriving late at the COVID check and not being at the starting point on time.


09:00 - Opening of the LËTZ GO GOLD village. Welcome, luggage storage, start of animation in the village

10:30 - Collective warm-up

11:00 - Start of the run

12:15 - Collective cool-down

12:30 - Official ceremony with podium celebration, minute of silence, check handover

13:15 - Closing concert and lunch (food trucks)

14:00 - End of the event

The start of the run is at 11:00. We advise you to arrive at least one hour in advance to have enough time to pass the COVID check if necessary, to get your t-shirt and enjoy the collective warm-up session.

Participants: What to bring along?

We strongly recommend that all participants who have reached their minimum collection, collect their t-shirt and goodie bag at our stand at the Belle-Etoile shopping centre (route d’Arlon L-8050 Bertrange) on the following date:

  • Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of September between 12 am and 7 pm
  • Wednesday 21th and Thursday 22th of September between 12 am and 7 pm

Please bring proof of your successful fundraising.

Please note: t-shirts and goodie bags for large teams of more than 30 participants will be delivered to the team captain at least 1 week before the run.

For any participant who has not yet reached the minimum amount to be collected or who has not had the opportunity to collect his t-shirt and goodie bag beforehand at one of our stands, he is invited to go to the collection tents on the day of the run and to the regularisation office and present the e-mail confirming their final registration showing the collection of at least €200 (paper version or on your smartphone) or by regularising the missing amount.

Young people over 18, but still a student, should bring their student card (in case they have reached the minimum collection of 100 € in donations). Anyone under 18, should bring a signed parental authorization authorising participation in the run.

On-site Amenities

Sports bag storage and changing rooms

Next to the retrieval tent, there will be luggage storage where you can drop off your gym bag safely.

There are changing rooms, but no showers on site.

On the course, there are two water and food supply stations available for all participants.

Food trucks

In the LËTZ GO GOLD village there will be several food trucks selling their culinary specialties (including vegetarian dishes). We would like to thank you in advance for keeping the LËTZ GO GOLD village clean by throwing your garbage in the bins provided

Don't hesitate to contact us