Research projects

100% of funds collected are allocated to paediatric cancer research projects selected by the Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation. For the 2018 edition of the LËTZ GO GOLD charity run, the Foundation has chosen the following two promising projects to find new cures, to improve existing ones or to find out more about the causes of paediatric cancers.

In January 2020, the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner joined forces with the association Imagine for Margot (France) and the Kick Cancer Foundation (Belgium) to form the Fight Kids Cancer initiative.

This initiative makes it possible each year to launch a call for European research projects and thus obtain the best research projects against childhood cancer. Assuming that, on the one hand, some promising research clusters are seeking funding and that, on the other, potential funders are struggling to identify innovative projects to support, the 3 organizations have joined forces to launch this call for projects which is aimed at all European researchers working on paediatric cancers.

This approach aims to remedy the structural lack of research dedicated to paediatric cancers by ensuring a recurrent endowment fund which will be allocated each year to the best European research projects.

A new approach to date, this initiative takes the form of a platform on which researchers can register a research project. For its first edition, Fight Kids Cancer offers two areas of research: early phase clinical trials and translational research.

The research projects selected for the LËTZ GO GOLD 2020 race will be selected at the end of May and announced at the start of June to all participants in the charity run.