Lëtz Go Gold Rules

Article 1 - Event

The LËTZ GO GOLD charity run is a festive, uncompetitive event (no official chronometer, no ranking, no time barriers), whose objective is to mobilize the general public to help the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner to achieve its third mission which is to actively support the research against childhood cancer to treat more and better.

Article 2 - Organiser

The LËTZ GO GOLD charity run is organised by:

Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner, public utility foundation, whose head office is located at 168, rue des Romains at l-8041 Strassen.

Article 3 - Date and place

The LËTZ GO GOLD charity run will take place on Saturday morning September 28rd, 2024 in Luxembourg.

Article 4 - Run

Participants can either run or walk a 1.5 km or 5 km route or run a 10 km route.

Article 5 - Conditions of participation

The LËTZ GO GOLD charity run is open to all participants (licensed and non-licensed) with no age limit. It is expressly stated that the participants participate in the event under their own and exclusive responsibility. Participants declare that they have sufficient physical and medical conditions to walk or run at the pace of their choice on an untimed 5 or 10 km route.

The participant commits to provide the correct information when registering and to collect a minimum amount of funds (see article 6)

Minor participants must provide parental permission regardless of the distance chosen.

Article 6 - Registration

Registrations for the LËTZ GO GOLD charity run can only be made online via the event’s website:

The participant completes the online registration form and pays an amount of € 10.

The participant raises funds for the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner via its online fundraising page, up to €100 for minors and students under 25 and €200 for any other participant (the "Minimum Amount").

Registration to LËTZ GO GOLD implies acceptance of these rules. Entries will close on Tuesday, September 24th at midnight. Later registrations will not be accepted, except on the day of the run by paying directly a unique fee of 250 euros.

Registration is considered final when the participant has collected at least the minimum amount.

To be counted, donations must be collected via the runner's fundraising page which is linked to the LËTZ GO GOLD charity run.

All commitments are personal, firm and final, and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever, including the case of failure to meet the fundraising goal. No transfer of registration is allowed for any reason. Any person passing on his participation to a third person, will be recognized responsible in case of an accident occurred during or caused by the event. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation.

Any participant who has not collected the minimum amount or beyond will not be able to validate his registration.

Registration to LËTZ GO GOLD implies acceptance of these rules. Entries will close on Tuesday, September 27th at midnight. Later registrations will not be accepted, except on the day of the run by paying directly a unique fee of 250 euros.

The podiums featuring the best collectors will be closed on Friday September 27nd at 10 p.m.

Article 7 - T-Shirt and Poldi Bags

T-shirts and Poldi bags are to be collected from the Foundation’s booth at the Belle Etoile shopping center (route d'Arlon, Bertrange) on September 19st and 20nd (between 12 a.m. and 7 p.m.) only by participants whose registration is considered as definitive.

All other participants can retrieve their t-shirts and Poldi bags on the day of the run, presenting proof of their minimum fundraising collection.

The LËTZ GO GOLD committee can not be held responsible should a participant present himself beyond the time limit at the retrieval tent for the t-shirt and Poldi bag, in which case the committee will no longer be able to provide said items.

Article 8 - Code of good practice

Participants are required to respect the rules of conduct in the village and on the routes of the event, under penalty of exclusion from the site and prohibition to participate the following years. The following are prohibited:

Any commercial activity not previously authorized by the organiser (for example, selling food or drinks).

The installation of stands outside the reserved stands provided for this purpose.

Balloon releases.

The presence of a band, fanfares, etc., except in the case where an authorization has been requested and granted specifically.

In order to respect the environment and the natural areas crossed, it is strictly forbidden to abandon all sorts of waste (paper, plastic packaging ...) on the route. Garbage bins will be available inside the village and at the refreshment point of the routes. These bins will have to be used by all participants.

Participants must dispose of their garbage and packaging at the specific garbage places indicated by the organiser.

Any abuse of the environment may be liable to disqualification.

Article 9 - Property damage

The organiser declines any responsibility in case of damage (theft, breakage, loss ...) suffered by the personal property of the participants, even if he has custody. Participants will not be able to turn against the organiser for any damage to their equipment. The subscription of an insurance guaranteeing these risks is the responsibility of each one.

Article 10 - Stock Image

By participating in the LËTZ GO GOLD charity run, each participant expressly authorizes the organisers, their assigns or assigns to fix and reproduce, in any medium and by any means, and consequently, to reproduce and to represent, without remuneration of no kind, his name, voice, image, and more generally his sports performance as part of the LËTZ GO GOLD event, in any form, on any existing or future medium, in any format, for any communication to the public in the worldwide, for all purposes including for advertising and / or commercial purposes, and for the duration of the copyright protection currently provided by the laws or regulations, the judicial and / or arbitral decisions of any as well as current or future international conventions, including any extensions that may be made to this duration.

Each participant expressly and irrevocably authorizes the organiser, his beneficiaries, his successors, in order to meet the requirements of advertising, promotional and / or commercial campaigns to:

make any modification, addition, deletion, that it deems useful for the exploitation of its image under the conditions defined above, associate and / or combine in his / her / its image, all / any signatures, catch phrases, slogans, legends, brands, distinctive signs, legal notices, visuals and, in general, any element of any nature at the choice of the organiser intended in particular to illustrate the communication media in which they are integrated.

The participant guarantees to be bound by no exclusive contract concerning the use of his image and / or his name and / or his voice. The organiser, his beneficiaries, his successors expressly forbid to use the name, the voice or the image of the participants in a support of a pornographic, racist, xenophobic character, and more generally, forbid any exploitation damaging to the dignity of the participants.

Article 11 - Law on the Protection of Privacy

All information provided to the organization is required for participation in the event. They are subject to computer processing and are intended solely for the organization. In accordance with the European directive on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, each participant has a right to access and rectify personal data concerning him. To exercise this right and obtain information, you must send a letter to the organization.

Article 12 - Intellectual property rights

Brands, domain names, products, software, images, videos, texts or more generally any object of intellectual property rights are and remain the exclusive property of the organisers. No transfer of intellectual property rights is achieved through the acceptance of this Regulation. Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these goods for any reason whatsoever is strictly prohibited

Article 13 - Cancellation

In case of bad weather conditions and/or for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to cancel and/or stop the run in progress.

The organization reserves the right to modify the course at any time. In case of bad weather conditions (large amounts of rain, high risk of storms, etc.), departure can be postponed for up to one hour; beyond that, the event is canceled.

In case of cancellation before departure or in case of interruption of the event, for any reason whatsoever, no refund of registration will be made and donations collected for the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner by participants can not be recovered.

Participation in the LËTZ GO GOLD event implies the acceptance, without derogation, by each participant of this regulation.

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